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The National Post’s ‘Afterword Reading Society’ has featured ‘The Dead In Their Vaulted Arches’. Flavia fans can read all about it here:


Three more sleeps!

Just three more sleeps until “The Dead In Their Vaulted Arches” is published.

If you haven’t already ordered a copy, today would be a good day to put dibs on one.

What’s happening with the Flavia TV series? Well, if you check IMDB, you’ll see that it’s been announced for an air-date
in 2015, and that producers Pippa Harris (“Call the Midwife”, “Revolutionary Road”) and William Horberg (“Cold Mountain”, “The Talented Mr. Ripley”
are attached.

Stay tuned for more Flavia news in January!


Flavia in Italy

image001 copyIt’s always a treat to share Flavia book covers from around the world.

With the kind permission of Sellerio Editions, of Palermo, here’s a sneak peek at the cover for the forthcoming translation of “I Am Half-Sick of Shadows”.

Flavia in Germany

Flavia’s fans who read her adventures in German will be happy to know that book five, “Speaking From Among the Bones” will be published by Blanvalet (Random House Germany) on November 25th.
The title? “Schlussakkord fuer einen Mord” : Final Chord For Murder…

Flavia In France

I’m happy to hear that so many of you are enjoying the various book covers.
To help tide you over until next January, here’s the cover for the French (J.C. Latte’s “Great Detective” series) edition of “Les Etranges Talents de Flavia de Luce”:
Please feel free to pass it on via tweets, twitters or shouts out the window.
Flavia1 France

Jayne Entwistle Interview

There’s hardly a day goes by that I don’t receive praise from one part of the globe or another for Jayne Entwistle’s reading of the Flavia books.

Thanks to Susan King and her crew at Word Wenches, Jayne has treated us to an in-depth look at what it takes to be a voice-over actress.

You can read it here:

Drop by and leave a comment.

A tip of the Flavia Fan Club hat to Susan – and to Jayne, of course! (who will soon be recording the sixth book, “The Dead In Their Vaulted Arches”)


A treat from Germany!

Here’s another sneak peek for Flavia Fan Club members.
This one is the cover for the forthcoming Flavia 5, (Speaking From Among the Bones” which will be published this fall in Germany.
The title is “Schlussakkord Fur Einen Mord” which my high-school German makes out (roughly) to be: “Final Chord For a Murder”.
And did you know that Flavia has a German website? I’ll bet you didn’t.
You can visit it at:

Flavia 5 Germany
See you there!

New Flavia ebook edition in the US

Hey, Flavia fans in the US!

Want to take Flavia to the beach this summer? All 1568 pages of her?
Here’s a chance to own the world’s first 4-book Flavia anthology!
On Monday, June 3rd, Random House (US) published the Flavia de Luce 4 Book Bundle, containing “The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie”, “The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag”, “A Red Herring Without Mustard” and “I Am Half-Sick of Shadows”.

And now you can get it for 20% off!

Come visit us at:

See you there!


A sneak peek …

Here’s a link to the US/Canadian cover for “The Dead In Their Vaulted Arches”:

“Speaking From Among the Bones” in the UK

Today, March 28th, is publication day in the UK for “Speaking From Among the Bones”, from Orion Books.
Collectors will note that this marks the first appearance, on the hardcover editions, of the new dust jacket designs which had formerly been seen only on the trade paperback and export editions.
Lovely, what?

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